The exhibition SALVADOR DALÍ "LUCE" THE TREASURES OF THE MASTER, focused on the precious objects designed by Dalí, connects contemporary art and glamour, celebrating the best years of fashion and international art, through a creative excursus that goes from sculpture to jewels and precious stones, to the world of fashion, including important brands inspired by surrealist works that are part of the collection The Dalí Universe.

The main character of the exhibition is the light of gold that Dalí loved deeply, considering it a celebration of the soul and a sign of purity, which reflects the extraordinary beauty of the territory that hosts them.

In the beautiful setting of Vico Equense, at “Museo Mineralogico Campano”, inside a former convent of the seventeenth century, the precious become the casket that holds a deep artistic meaning linked to the Dalinian thought.

Dalí and fashion

All his life Salvador Dalí had a great interest in the fashion world. His encounter with Coco Chanel and then with Elsa Schiaparelli, were a great inspiration for the genius of surrealism.

The Stratton Foundation, in the '90s, decided to introduce the art of the Surrealist Genius through Fashion. The world’s leading designers were asked to unleash their imagination and create exclusive garments, inspired by Dalí’s surrealist vision.

Salvador Dalí’s charismatic personality lends itself perfectly to the fashion world, in fact, his bizarre clothing and his eccentric moustache, become his unmistakable signature, a source of inspiration for some of the most famous designers in the world.

The collection "Dalí à la Mode", assembled in the last forty years by Beniamino Levi, is composed of superb creations made by great designers such as Trussardi, Catherine Walker, Enrico Coveri, Sonia Rykiel, Ferragamo and many others, which you can admire in the display.

Dalí sculptor

Salvador Dalí was a multifaceted and eclectic artist, widely recognized as a painter, he also demonstrated his brilliant creativity as a sculptor, illustrator, director, jewelry designer and more.

The Catalan artist was fascinated by the sculpture, he dedicated himself to from 1934 until 1987. In this way his creative genius was able to manifest itself in three-dimensionality, transforming into sculptures those that remain some of the most famous and beloved images.

Dalí sculptures are made of bronze through the technique of casting wax lost, which consists in creating a wax model and use it to make a mold in which to pour the molten bronze.

In addition to the bronze works, Dalí created one of the world’s most interesting collections of colored glass sculptures. The collection is the result of his artistic collaboration with the prestigious French glassworks Daum Cristallerie.

Dalí designer

Dalí distinguished himself during his career for his extensive production.
In the 30s, in addition to his famous paintings, he continued his creative research in new ways of artistic expression. Thanks to his relationship with Jean-Michel Frank, a well-known and appreciated Parisian interior designer of the time, he developed various ideas, transforming practical everyday items into extravagant and stunning objects of indeterminate use.

Thanks to the friendship with the intriguing designer Elsa Schiaparelli, he entered into the fashion world. In fact, he created sensational clothes, which were also light and exaltation of his works.

During his career, the meeting with designers and goldsmiths marked the beginning of a new artistic contamination.

The collaboration with some jewelers, indeed, gave full consistency to his visionary insights: he designed various collections of jewelry and incredible sculptures studded with precious stones.
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